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Passive House Construction & Products is a proud partner with Proclima Australia.

We can also supply most products for your Passive House including Passive House Windows (manufacturers vary depending upon Climate Data results), Zehnder and Brink Passive House Certified Ventilation with Heat Recovery systems plus more.

We sell Zehnder and Brink Ventilation System Units which can recover up to 90% of exhausted heat.....

Passive House construction & Products conduct air leakage tests on all their homes, this is called "Blower Door Testing"  and offer these professional services actively across Tasmania. We are happy to offer advice to improve efficiencies within your building, we also conduct leak detection services as well as standard Blower Door testing.


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Pro Clima Australia Pty Ltd

We all want to live in homes and work in buildings that are healthy, energy efficient and friendly to the environment.

Pro Clima’s airtightness and weathertightness patented building systems, in combination with effective insulation and appropriate ventilation, create energy efficient, low allergen emitting, comfortable, healthy homes and places of business. Pro Clima’s patented systems also ensure the long term effectiveness of the insulation and the structural durability of the building by protecting it from moisture damage, thereby making sure your healthy, energy efficient and eco friendly environment remains that way for many years in the future.

 Pro Clima is a leader in the field of development and manufacture of intelligent high performance sealing systems for thermal insulation in constructions. Pro Clima Australia Pty Ltd was established in 2010 after a number of years of extensive research which identified a need for high quality air and weather tightness products in Australia.

Pro Clima has been providing intelligent airtight and weathertight building solutions from Germany to the world since 1981. Lothar Moll, Director of Pro Clima Australia Pty Ltd and Pro Clima Germany, is a world leading building physicist and expert on airtightness systems. In 1994 he discovered the MVTR – moisture vapour transmission rate variable membrane, the Intelligent part of INTELLO, which became part of the patented pro clima Intelligent Airtightness System (IAS).

We welcome all your enquiries and look forward to working together with you.

Discounts for volume and trade apply.

Please contact Passive House Construction & Products for a discount structure.

We deliver statewide and can provide an after hours service.....

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