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An airtight installation box for outlets in locations that interfere with the interior airtight layer. Good for Interior use.


260 mm x 130 mm x 55 mm
Lip size: 30 mm


  • Can be used where there is no space (service cavity) between the airtight layer and the interior finish (sheet rock)
  • Class III vapour retarding properties protect the insulation against vapour drive, while allowing inward drying in the summer.


  • Perm rating: < 0.3 perms, sd value > 10 m
  • It provides and airtight cavity in which you can install light switches and electrical outlets. Cables, BX and wires (max 20 mm) can be guided through punched holes (size hole to app. 60% of cable size) in the box
  • The flexible material of the box will air-seal the penetration permanently airtight. Since the box is made out of a single homogeneous material, one can make penetrations at any point of the box
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