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TESCON NAIDEC is a durable airtight sealing double-sided butyl rubber tape for sealing around nail and screw penetrations making it almost impossible for water to seep in; penetrating deep into the pores of membranes and fibreboards, providing durable sealing around nail holes.


  • Nail sealing tape on the underside of a lath, on an inclined roof, to form a durable seal around a nail or screw holes.
  • Very good sealing action – penetrates deep into the structure.
  • Water resistant.
  • Extra-strong due to a reinforcing layer.
  • Contains no bitumen.

General Conditions

  • The bonds should not be subjected to tensile strain.
  • After sealing the airtight/vapour retarding membranes, the weight of the insulating material must be borne by mechanically fastened battens.
  • The durable double sided tape should be supported by battens if necessary or by additional pieces of tape
  • Avoid excessive humidity in structure ventilation or using a dehumidifier during the construction.
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