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TESCON VANA for a secure and permanent airtight seal of overlaps between INTELLO® membranes, joints between membranes and smooth, non-mineral surfaces. Also suitable for sealing joints between wood-based panels.


60mm x 30m


Durable airtight sealing inside;
can also be used for penetrations of the INTELLO®; diffusion open; for airtight sealing in accordance with DIN 4108, SIA 180 and OENORM B8110-2; thin and flexible; can be applied to cold surfaces


  • Bonds to Pro Clima materials, solid wood surfaces, polyethylene, metal, foil, housewraps and sheathing
  • Adhesion test recommended on plastic window frames – production oils/residues might need to be cleaned off for proper long term adhesion


  • Adhesive: durable waterproof tape adhesion (solid acrylic adhesive)
  • Perm Rating: Perm 8 (Sd value: 0.4m)
  • Release paper: split release paper, for easy application on two side of seams, inside corners, etc.
  • Release strip widths: 12 mm (1/2"), 23 mm (7/8"), 25 mm (1")
  • UV/weather Resistance: 6 months of exposure
  • Polypropylene backing forms itself to slightly uneven substrates
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