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We proudly honor the warranties available from each of our building component manufacturers:

  • Pro Clima - A 10-year system warranty, including replacement cost -  and 6-year material warranty in other cases. See PDF for specifics.

  • Lamilux - 2-year warranty from date of order - option to be extended on request. See PDF for specifics.

  • Gutex - 5-year limited warranty from the date of sale. See PDF for specifics.

  • Fakro - 10 years from the date of purchase for skylights and flashing, 2 years for blinds and controls. See PDF for specifics.

  • Sanden - Heat pump unit: 6 years from the date of installation; Tank unit: 10 years + additional 5 years at prorated scale, from date of installation. See PDF for specifics.

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