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high performance monolithic nonporous membrane

  • Diffusion open from the inside allowing moisture to pass through
  • High water resistant – water column more than 10,000mm
  • Low vapour resistant – MVTR lower than 0.75 MNs/g
  • Highly durable under all conditions – unaffected by wood preservatives
  • UV stabilised – can be exposed to the Australian & New Zealand elements for up to 90 days
  • Easy to install
  • Recyclable (emits no toxic gases when burned)

The SOLITEX weathertightness membranes are designed to be used with most typical wall or roof cladding systems to provide optimum structural protection and insulation performance.
High performance monolithic nonporous membrane; high water resistance; low vapour resistance; unaffected by wood preservatives; thermostability above 100 °C; can be exposed to the Australian elements for 90 days.

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